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KISS® Cooling and heating circulators

Under the brand name KISS we present a new model series with economical cooling and heating circulators. KISS stands for “Keeping Innovation Safe & Simple“ and describes what you may expect from the devices: innovative technology with safe and easy operation!

The new KISS circulators are ideally suited for routine laboratory applications such as sample temperature control, analyses and material testing as well as the external temperature control of measuring devices and test setups. You can choose from over 50 models for heating and cooling. This applies to all models: KISS circulators are low-cost, however they do have all equipment features required in daily laboratory work.

As standard with USB, RS232 and OLED
The list of equipment features has grown even longer with KISS. Apart from an RS232 interface, it now also has a USB interface as standard. Another new addition is a modern OLED display with intuitive menu navigation in plain text. The new white display can be read well at all times, even in brighter environments. Another advantage is the simultaneous display of actual temperature and setpoint value, as well as high/low temperature limit values. The controls are reduced to the essential, therefore the operation remains always easy and clear. As a factory fitted option, a connection socket for a Pt100 probe can be fitted. This permits the display (not control) e.g. of an external process temperature. The socket can be ordered at an additional cost.

Easy operation, stylish design
The housing is made from high-grade stainless steel. Therefore the devices are very robust and have a very elegant appearance. However, far more important is the practicality and also here are KISS circulators a good choice for most temperature applications. Starting with the simple commissioning, the space-saving design to the low-noise operation, KISS circulators are ideal for laboratory applications. Switch on, set setpoint value and press start - temperature control could not be easier.

Safe and reliable
In line with the motto “Safe & Simple“, KISS devices do not only offer easy operation, but also meet the highest standards in terms of safety. All models are equipped with an over temperature and low level protection to class III/FL (DIN 12876) and are thus also suited for flammable liquids. Moreover, KISS circulators are a safe option from the technical application perspective. This is can be seen with the circulating pump, which generates a capacity of 14 l/min; 0.25 bar (pressure side) / 10.5 l/min; 0.17 bar (suction side) and thus ensures optimal mixing and homogeneous temperatures. The temperature stability is ±0.05 Kelvin, which is sufficient for most standard applications. A pump adapter is available as accessory, which permits external temperature control via hose connections.


Temperatures from -30 to +200 °C
The KISS range comprises an immersion circulator with screw clamp as well as different baths. The baths are available either in transparent polycarbonate (up to +100 °C) or high-grade stainless steel (up to +200 °C). The filling volume of the baths is from 6 to 25 litres, depending on the model. For cooling applications we offer cooling circulators for working temperatures down to -30 °C. As standard, these models already work with natural refrigerants and are therefore friendly to the environment and climate. Additionally, the cooling machines have an automatic cooling capacity adjustment that reduces the energy consumption and the waste heat to a minimum. The finishing touch to the range is a range of useful accessories like test tube inserts, platforms, bath covers, probes, hoses and temperature control liquids. Furthermore, there is a free software for remote control, recording of measuring data and visualisation called “SpyLight”.

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The menu navigation via the OLED display is easy and self-explanatory. The controls are reduced to a minimum.

KISS circulators are equipped with a USB and RS232 interface as standard. Optionally (factory fitted), an additional connection socket for a Pt100 measuring probe is available.

The new OLED display shows all important data clearly: setpoint value, actual value, temperaturelimits as well as status of the pump, heating and cooling systems.

The KISS range comprises more than 50 models of heating and cooling, amongst them immersion circulators, baths and circulators.

KISS circulators are available in three colour options: grey (standard), red and blue.
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