Tango Factory

The Tango Factory in the Offenburg Elgersweier Industrial Park is happily designated as the coldest point in the district of Ortenau. The building is an architectural masterpiece produced by the architects Wilhelm and Antonia Kasten, from Aulendorf. Behind the facade, where it is a thermodynamic masterpiece which gives experts in heating and air conditioning engineering pause for thought. 40 km of plastic pipes in the floors and ceilings made out of solid concrete cool in summer and make sure that nobody gets cold feet in winter.

The Tango Factory – a thermodynamic masterpiece and an energy saving wonder

The low floor temperature which, in winter, seldom rises above 23°C, is physiologically responsible to ensure that no-one gets swollen feet. This is very difficult to engineer, even for academic experts, since their expectations lie between 30°C and 40°C. Oil or gas heating can be used. The heat pumps, which we feel close to, both energetically and professionally, can therefore save another 1/3 of the energy. The fact is that it is better economically and ecologically, using simple means, to prevent loss of heat through a wall.

Warm feet and a cool head. One can calculate it through in the head: 5000 sq.m. of floor and 1000 sq.m. of concrete ceiling create a heat body with an area of 6000 sq.m. At a excess temperature of 2 to 3 degrees this is sufficient to keep 40,000 cbm of built up space warm. 90 kW of heating requirements, 2.25 Watt/cbm, which is difficult to take at face value. It is so however Three quarters of the 1000 sq.m. of window are triple glazed since the 3rd pane pays for itself the quickest. Walls and ceilings are heat insulated up to 24 cm thick since the last centimetre, which costs the least, is amortised the quickest.

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